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This week there wos no time for miniatures – except today. I managed to paint only one tank: M4 Sherman from Armoured Fury box. There are two more Shermans waiting but I don’t know should I paint all of them to US or should I save one or two for Soviet lend lease tanks.

But back to this… Painting was fun except I didn’t have patience to do the weathering properly. Somehow I felt hurry and I am not so satisfied to this Sherman than I am to previous M3A1 Halftruck.



Last weeks have been very busy, but I have managed to paint some US troops. The majority has been normal infantry, but hopefully I have time to paint that Sherman-tank also…

First US 57mm Anti-Tank Team:

Then some infantry:

US Army 60mm mortar team:

And finally some overview…

Next there will be some tanks…

It has been a very long time since I last updated the blog but there is a good reason… I changed my workplace and therefore my internet connection was changed to another operator and everyone knows that unless one is not willing to pay double fees, you have to wait the transfer time without the connection (Which was at my case almost 4 weeks)

But meanwhile I have tried to progress my soviet army and also there has been some terrain bulding ongoing…

First of all – I have noticed that my soviets need more tanks (Can there be enough tanks?) Originally I planned to purchase more T-34’s but then I noticed Plasticsoldier company’s nex Shermans. I decided to buy those because I have been very hapy about PSC’s quality.

So below there is picture about my Lend lease sherman company:

Also single picture about Company Command tank:

I also planned to create my own objective markers, because currently I do not have any markers for Soviet army.  I planned to create couple of supply dumps that can be the objectives. I created the one as test piece and when I get more large bases I create three more.

and from another angle:

I have also couple of Heavy Soviet tanks at painting table as well as couple of terrain pieces – I planned to create eastern front Soviet village, since majority of the games will happen at eastern front. But more will follow when painting is completed…

Eli pitkään kiusausta vastaan taistelleena jouduin antamaan periksi Flames of Warille ja hankkimaan kyseisen pelin miniatyyrejä. Ajattelin sellaista armeijaa joka on nopea maalata ja jolla oppii nopeasti säännöt. Päädyin siis saksalaisiin ja panssarikompaniaan. Hankin ystäväni neuvosta Tigers Marsch paketin ja pari blisteriä, jolloin aloituskustannus oli minimalistinen ja jolla saa pelikuntoisen armeijan pienellä maalauksella.

Tällä hetkellä on siis maaleissa vasta kaksi tiikeriä:

Tiikeri #1

Ja Tiikeri #2

Lisäksi olen saanut maaleihin kokonaista yhden Panzergrenadier platoonin ryhmän, josta pari kuvajaista alla:

Maalauspyöydällä on odottamassa kolme Tiikeriä lisää sekä panzergrenadier platoon & 21cm NW42 rocket launcher patteri.