Force on Force terrain – Sneak peak

Posted: 30.08.2012 in Force on Force, Terrain building
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Last couple of weeks have been very busy at work and also at home. There has not been much time for my hobby, but at least I have managed to archive some progress for my Force on Force terrain. As I have said at earlier post – I have receved a great inspiration from terrain and miniatures and therefore I also wanted to have middle east village that can also be used at north africa or somalia terrain.
So here are couple of pictures that I have completed so far.

The one thing I noticed is that I have to pay more attention about scale, now I noticed that these buildings seems to be a bit large for Empress miniatures. For Warhammer these shouls be OK, but… So a little smaller buildings at the future – I assume that it is not a problem if the buildings are different size – it gives more realistic impression actually…

But more will follow when I have more time to construct the buildings…


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