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It has been a long time since I have painted anything “Fantasy”… I have had a skaven project on my to do list since release  the Island of blood. I have skavens from couple of IoB boxes and also several other boxes including some used ones. They have been waiting better times and now I decided that I should paint something else than Flames of War miniatures.

The problem was that where to start. I wanted to have someting that is fun to paint but it won’t take too much time to complete. My ultimate goal is to have nice, themed skaven army – size shall be something like 3000 pts to get some differences to army lists (if I ever have time to play anything).  I went trough my boxes and decided to paint skaven doomwheel. It is simple enough to paint, but it still has some very nice details and challenges.  Because I do not have any ready  plans yet for my skaven army (clan name, color theme etc) I decided to go whith the basic wooden and copper wheel. The banner and base are not complete because they are one very important thing to tie all miniatures to each other.

So here it is; Skaven Doomwheel.

I am very happy about the painting, it was really fun to paint something else than World War 2 miniatures.