This week there wos no time for miniatures – except today. I managed to paint only one tank: M4 Sherman from Armoured Fury box. There are two more Shermans waiting but I don’t know should I paint all of them to US or should I save one or two for Soviet lend lease tanks.

But back to this… Painting was fun except I didn’t have patience to do the weathering properly. Somehow I felt hurry and I am not so satisfied to this Sherman than I am to previous M3A1 Halftruck.




I painted this M3A1 Halftrack actually at last weekend but it took a week since I managed to get time to take pictures and publish this post.

But here it is. I tried to archive the look that halftruck has been in mud, rain and at dirt roads. I also added machinegunner because without it the halftruck looked “empty”







Last weeks have been very busy, but I have managed to paint some US troops. The majority has been normal infantry, but hopefully I have time to paint that Sherman-tank also…

First US 57mm Anti-Tank Team:

Then some infantry:

US Army 60mm mortar team:

And finally some overview…

Next there will be some tanks…

I managed to have some time to paint a bit more US troops. This time I completed machine gun team and a Jeep. I need to add some more details to bases, but here is some pictures…

Machine gun team:

And Jeep…

Its been a while since I have build anything for wargaming. Terrain building has always been one of my favourite topic. I can say that I like to buy miniatures because that gives me a reason to build terrain… The gaming is not the thing.

I decided that I start with Normandy building. There are lots of pictures available troughout the internet and also gamers have posted lots of pictures about their own builds. Also if I ever make to paint my US troops so that I can play there is terrain ready for US troops to fight…

I used 5mm foamcore as my basic material since I have it lot in storege, Actually I think that 3mm would suit better for 28mm miniatures, but lets use that what I have. After some investigation – my first buld would be two storey house with an attic. Here is the result after some cutting and adhesion…





I also made the design so that the rood is removable and the troops can be placed inside. Also the second floor is removable – Now I must decide that should I make some internal walls and stairs or just leave the interior empty…


Today was the Christmas. Post brought me my Wayland Games order:


Now I know what to do next days… Build some tanks and infantry.

I also bought a book for the right mood to build some US troops:


I have also build some terrain, but those are still very WIP…

Today I had my calendar empty – so what you can do – cast plaster 🙂 I had bought some Hirst Arts moulds some time ago but I haven’t had time to test those new ones. Also I made three new moulds to be used in 28mm ww2 terrain project – but that is another story – or an article.


The deep blue ones are my own production – rest are produced by mr. Hirst. Hirst makes great moulds – there are only couple downsides: they are expensive and they are a bit too big for 28mm miniatures. Otherwise they are excellent products.

As mentioned earlier – I am planning to do some terrain to be used at Bolt Action and therefore the terrain shall be 28mm compatible. I planned that I will do some fields and forests since they are basic terrain for battlefields. I planned also some kind of orchard because those were common in Normandy or similar environments.

I have also drawn blueprints for couple of houses to be used in Bolt Action – Only thing that currently prevents proceeding with that project is that I need to go local Motonet/Biltema to buy couple snap-off knives that I need to cut foamcore.

But that is currenty status – I need to go to the store before is closes…