Last couple of weeks have been very busy at work and also at home. There has not been much time for my hobby, but at least I have managed to archive some progress for my Force on Force terrain. As I have said at earlier post – I have receved a great inspiration from terrain and miniatures and therefore I also wanted to have middle east village that can also be used at north africa or somalia terrain.
So here are couple of pictures that I have completed so far.

The one thing I noticed is that I have to pay more attention about scale, now I noticed that these buildings seems to be a bit large for Empress miniatures. For Warhammer these shouls be OK, but… So a little smaller buildings at the future – I assume that it is not a problem if the buildings are different size – it gives more realistic impression actually…

But more will follow when I have more time to construct the buildings…

My summer vacation ended couple days ago and at office – there has not been so much work… I had good time to investigate and read couple of webpages and got intrested a lot about miniature game called Force on Force. Mainly the reason why this game catched my attention was very nice terrains ( and what was build and also the reason that it is located to modern world. Who would not like to play cityfights between US and Taleban… 🙂

So what I did… I ordered rulebook to my local store, started building terrain and ordered couple of miniatures…

Now I am building some Afghan and Somali terrain (mainly buildings) inspired by expert terrain builders that shows their terrain two blogs mentioned above. Hopefully I can publish some pictures within couple of days.

It has been a long time since I have painted anything “Fantasy”… I have had a skaven project on my to do list since release  the Island of blood. I have skavens from couple of IoB boxes and also several other boxes including some used ones. They have been waiting better times and now I decided that I should paint something else than Flames of War miniatures.

The problem was that where to start. I wanted to have someting that is fun to paint but it won’t take too much time to complete. My ultimate goal is to have nice, themed skaven army – size shall be something like 3000 pts to get some differences to army lists (if I ever have time to play anything).  I went trough my boxes and decided to paint skaven doomwheel. It is simple enough to paint, but it still has some very nice details and challenges.  Because I do not have any ready  plans yet for my skaven army (clan name, color theme etc) I decided to go whith the basic wooden and copper wheel. The banner and base are not complete because they are one very important thing to tie all miniatures to each other.

So here it is; Skaven Doomwheel.

I am very happy about the painting, it was really fun to paint something else than World War 2 miniatures.

These aren’t actually new releases from Plastic Soldier Company, but now when I have a bit more time I decided to invest some money to new stuff. Therefore some new stuff was found at mail box:

The frames look like this:

As usual, the Plastic Soldier Company gives much valuable stuff for reasonable price. There are several options and versions you can build from the box… And for infantry, one needs just buy bases from Battlefront and enjoy the Flames with much cheaper army (Soviet isn’t just the cheapest :))

At Russian infantry heavy Weapons set there are those light mortars that are so hard to find at Battlefront. (or at least I have not found any blister where these are included) Now next thing is to put infantry to bases and to painting line.

First – Happy New Year to all blog readers!

It has been a quite a long time since I updated any new material (read: pictures) to blog. This is very unfortunate but there is progress ongoing behind the scenes. Some time ago I bought couple of new resin buildings from TBM and they have been at my painting desk now.  That is true that there has not been very much progress but terrain building is ongoing.

I also planned to create couple of smaller terrain items, e.g. fences and bushes to be used at my Eastern Front table, but they are still at planning phase  – materials are laready purchased but no real progress.

The blog has its 3rd birthday at next week (counting from the first post) and hopefully I manage to invent something special then. But if not – the birthday is used as normal – working with terrain, miniatures and similar. Thanks for everyone who have send comments and private messages – it is good to know that at least someone reads my texts 🙂


I have investigated different forums something like half a year now and planned that how I create my own eastern front village. Flames of war offical forums is an excellent place for inspiration and examples of high quality terrain.

I investigated couple of alternative plans, one that I create buildigs from scratch, second where I used some ready templates that I print with color printer and third where I buy ready unpainted resin houses. The cost goes similar way where scracth build is almost free, and ready resin buildings cost something like ~20€ each.

Even ready resin buildings are expensive – they are mainly very high quality. I do not have much money to waste on this hobby but  I have even less free time and therefore I decided to get couple of ready resin buildings and build my eastern front village at ready made pieces.

I compared different products at net and decided that I buy buildings from Total Battle Miniatures.  The first one I painted was Barn with Timber roof.

Here are couple of pictures at painted model with my soviet troops to see size.

And from another angle:

The model is actually very good quality, details are nice and the roof is removable. Therefore there is possibility to put troops inside the barn.  One can place one small base to tower, the actual barn can hold 3-4 normal troop bases.

I planned to paint also the inner parts of the building but then I found myself lazy and leaved the inside black.

Next I plan to complete couple of another buildings from TMB and also some woods/forests to “hide” my village…

It has been a very long time since I last updated the blog but there is a good reason… I changed my workplace and therefore my internet connection was changed to another operator and everyone knows that unless one is not willing to pay double fees, you have to wait the transfer time without the connection (Which was at my case almost 4 weeks)

But meanwhile I have tried to progress my soviet army and also there has been some terrain bulding ongoing…

First of all – I have noticed that my soviets need more tanks (Can there be enough tanks?) Originally I planned to purchase more T-34’s but then I noticed Plasticsoldier company’s nex Shermans. I decided to buy those because I have been very hapy about PSC’s quality.

So below there is picture about my Lend lease sherman company:

Also single picture about Company Command tank:

I also planned to create my own objective markers, because currently I do not have any markers for Soviet army.  I planned to create couple of supply dumps that can be the objectives. I created the one as test piece and when I get more large bases I create three more.

and from another angle:

I have also couple of Heavy Soviet tanks at painting table as well as couple of terrain pieces – I planned to create eastern front Soviet village, since majority of the games will happen at eastern front. But more will follow when painting is completed…